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Try the collection of our Organic non-GMO Moringa tea products
- INSPIREme - 15g (6 servings)
- POWERme - 20g (8 servings)
- DEFENDme - 20g (8 servings)
- SKINNYme - 20g (8 servings)
- BEAUTYme - 20g (8 servings)
- BALANCEme - 20g (8 servings)
- CHANGEme - 20g (8 servings)
- ME tea infuser

ME Moringa Tea Sampler for Superb Choice!

If you’re unsure which Moringa tea would suit your needs best, or if you’re simply blown by them all - no need to lose out! We compiled the Moringa Tea Sampler pack just for customers like you. It comprises all our teas, with 6 - 8 servings in each package. Enjoy all, and then decide which you’re going to stock up on!

Like all our products, Moringa teas are free from chemical additives, and made with only the best, non-GMO Moringa leaf. Our Moringa trees are grown on a picturesque, certified-organic coastal farm in Kenya, Africa. There’s nothing but goodness in our teas!


Prepare to be inspired by the pure, unadulterated Moringa leaf goodness in this brew. Moringa tea is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids, also the eight essential amino acids. Minimalist in taste, this tea is suitable for consumption by everyone!


Power through the day with this tea, and you may find that your aches and pains diminish over time. We added mineral- and antioxidant rich ginger, peppermint and Egyptian lemongrass for their superb anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. And they taste wonderfully refreshing! Use with caution if taking hypertensive or anticoagulant medication.


If you find yourself feeling under the weather, or you are convalescing, this tea could increase your body’s line of defence! We paired our Moringa tea with White and Green teas, turning this concoction into an antioxidant powerhouse! Antioxidants are known to strengthen the immune system, so be sure to choose this tea if you’re feeling off.


On a diet for weight loss? This tea could be your perfect accompaniment. It contains coconut pieces and Ceylon cinnamon, both proven blood sugar-balancing agents that could curb the hunger pangs. The theobromine in the Bolivian cocoa husks offers slow-releasing stimulants which may help fight the fatigue often associated with dieting. Help your body adjust to your new health regime with this delicious tea!


‘Inner beauty’ with Moringa tea means you’re transforming your body from the inside-out! Tasty fennel is rich in minerals needed for collagen production, while the body’s detoxifier, the liver, is supported with lemon balm, roasted chicory and beetroot. Also, a calm countenance is an essential beauty accessory, which is why we added soothing camomile, rose petals and St. John’s Wort. What a stunning tea!


A balanced body has a healthy gut, is the primary mantra of every naturopathic doctor. This tea packs a hefty punch for digestive health with South African rooibos, spearmint, peppermint, carob, rhubarb, to name but a few. Trust your gut - together with our magnificent Moringa, you will be too happy with the health benefits of this tea!


Need a change of mood? This is the tea to sample! Added to Moringa’s health-enhancing nutritious profile, Mate Tea could help with mental focus, while chicory is a known nerve soother. We added calming lemongrass and green tea for a totally Zen product. Change your vibes for the better with this tea!

ME tea infuser

Allow these beautiful teas to brew thoroughly and leisurely with our quaint ME tea infuser. Boil water and let it stand for five minutes. Place the infuser with the Moringa tea leaves of your choice in your favorite cup. Pour over the water, and let it infuse for approximately 5 minutes. That way you are sure to glean all the marvellous benefits of this ME Moringa tea sampler! Add a natural sweetener like a bit of honey, stevia or xylitol.

For the best results, combine Moringa teas with our other products.


  • Rich in antioxidants

  • No artificial flavors or ingredients

  • Non-GMO

  • Organic Moringa from our farm in Kenya



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