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Moringa CHANGEme tea with Mate Tea and Green Tea Could Be the Last Tea You’ll Ever Need!

Tired of an ordinary cup of comfort tea, and in need of a health boost? Moringa tea with Mate tea and green tea may be the ultimate tea experience you’ve been looking for! Moringa tea’s benefits are numerous and well-known. Read here why it’s called the superhero of superfoods for all the right reasons!

It seems nearly impossible to imagine that Moringa tea’s benefits can be enhanced. Yet, that’s exactly what we did with Moringa CHANGEme tea! We added two powerful health allies to create a brew that could blow your mind – Mate tea and green tea. The latter’s properties are well-documented. Less so the health-enhancing qualities of the Portuguese brew derived from the Ilex paraguariensis plant. Originally hailing from the southern parts of Brazil and Northeast Argentina, Mate tea is steeped in ceremony and tradition. Also called ‘yerba mate’, it has been consumed over centuries for its remarkable health benefits.

In many ways, Mate tea is Moringa’s twin. Another anti-oxidant bomb, Mate tea contains nearly 90% more than green tea. This could be why a 2011 medical study demonstrated its anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory action. In addition, Mate tea contain saponins. Saponins are a class of chemical compounds that have beneficial effects on cancer, blood cholesterol and bone health. What a worthy pairing with nutrient-rich Moringa tea! Moringa CHANGEme’s impressive line-up of nutrients could furthermore assist with healthy weight-loss, improved immunity and clearing a foggy mind. There’s no reason why you should not stack your kitchen with this wonder-tea!

Yet, why should you choose Moringa CHANGEme tea over other equally tasty and potent brews? Because you will be hard pressed to find products prepared with more care and inclusivity than ME Moringa’s. Ethical and humanitarian labour practices top our agenda in every step of the production chain on our certified-organic farm in Kenya, Africa. What a nice thought to ponder every time you enjoy a cup of Moringa CHANGEme tea! Moringa CHANGEme tea is well combined with our other products for a supremely healthy experience.



  • Rich in antioxidants

  • No artificial flavors or ingredients

  • Non-GMO

  • Organic Moringa from our farm in Kenya


Moringa (50%),Organic Mate green (26.25%), Organic Roasted Chicory root, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Green Tea, Organic Goji berries, Organic Marigold flowers, Organic Cornflower petals