tips for healthy skin and hair with moringa

 Moringa is called the ‘Miracle Tree’ and ‘Superhero of Superfoods’ for very good reason. Moringa is known to be a superior source of nutrients that enhance the body’s natural ability to renew and restore itself. It is a therefore must-add to everyone’s beauty and wellness regime! Let Moringa keep you healthy and gorgeous with these tips.

Moringa Heals from the Inside Out

Naturopathic wisdom holds that the skin is the first organ to show when a body is unbalanced and out-of-whack. So, you are not vain – you are right to pay attention to a lingering paleness in the face, rings under the eyes, or a dehydrated, dull skin! Your first line of treatment would therefore be to supplement with ME Moringa in a preparation that suits your needs. You want to address the cause, not only the symptoms, for which Moringa is uniquely suited. Be creative and take the powder with your food.

Moringa Tea Skin Toner and Hair Rinse

ME Moringa Teas are not only delicious, but can be converted into a soothing, nourishing skin toner and hair rinse – it’s guaranteed chemical and additive free! Prepare a pot of strong Moringa tea with filtered or distilled water, let it cool down and decant into a dispenser or spray bottle. Keep your Moringa toner in the fridge for optimal results. Spray or dab the tea onto your skin after cleansing, and in your hair after washing. Moringa is high in zinc, which is a crucial mineral for healthy skin and hair growth. The Vit C and Bs in Moringa may also aid healing and cellular regeneration, so drink the tea and apply it! Enhance your Moringa tea hair rinse with a tablespoon of raw apple vinegar – it will add shine to your tresses, and leave it feeling silky smooth. Remember to rinse out thoroughly to avoid smelling of vinegar.

Moringa Body and Face Scrub

Occasional exfoliation stimulates blood flow to the skin, and reveals beautiful new skin. Look as fresh as morning dew with a nourishing Moringa exfoliator! Mix a serving of Moringa Powder into your existing scrub, or make your own. Use 2 – 3 tablespoons of rolled oats, or ground flaxseeds. Mix in a ¼ - ½ a cup of strongly-brewed, cooled-down Moringa tea, and ½ a serving of Moringa powder. Your skin will glow because of Moringa’s high antioxidant and essential amino acid content! Scrub once a week, and follow with Moringa tea toner and a good moisturiser.

Moringa Facial Mask

Make time once a week for exfoliation and a mask, and you will be amazed how well your skin will look! Choose a base for your mask according to your skin type. Pulped ripe paw-paw with ½ a spoon of fresh lemon juice would be good for oily skins, while aloe vera gel would be suitable for a healing, restorative mask. For dry skins, choose a good aqueous cream. Add ½ a serving of Moringa Powder to five tablespoons of your chosen base, and mix well. Your skin will love the antioxidants in Moringa that fights inflammation. Moringa is even known to have antimicrobial properties, which could add to keeping your skin healthy. Apply to your face after cleaning and gentle exfoliation, leave on for 15 – 30 mins, and rinse off with cold water. Moisturise and be prepared to be astonished!

Our products are made from organically-grown Moringa, and is completely additive-free.