5 things to do in Kenya

Kenya is one of the favorite touristic destinations in Africa, especially for its safaris – a Swahili word whose literal meaning is “travel”. Enjoying the elephant ride, watching the lions hunting, swimming with dolphins, dancing on the Kikuyus rythms … The journey will leave you speechless and bring you that much appreciated exotic feeling!

From mountains to beaches, from camping to walks, as far as the eye can see,there is always something to do in Kenya. Here is our top 5 of unavoidable places to visit during your stay.

1 Nairobi

Okay, the city does not necessarily have the best reputation, but you can not go to a country without going through its capital, right ? Have you ever imagine a national park within sight of skyscrapers ? Well, that’s the kind of amazing scenery you can experience there…

2 Kisite National Marine Park

This park is an enchanted realm with its magnificent coral reefs and colorful marine life. Kisite is one of the most rewarding snorkeling locations at the coast. Visitors can also enjoy bird watching, diving and of course, sunbathing. Not far, the idyllic Wasini Island is accessible only by a dhow trip.

3 Lions of Tsavo National Park

We bet that you already dreamed once to meet Simba and Mufasa in real life ? Well, Tsavo has two parks – East and West – with an incredible diversity of wildlife. The landscapes are of a rare beauty, populated by leopards, lions and cheetahs as well as many other felines. On the other side of the park, red and volcanic, you can contemplate the dense savanna, and the lions slumped in the shade, waiting for the hunting hour!

4 Amboseli National Park Elephants

If you’re a real nature lover, you can’t dream better. Besides the breathtaking view of the snow-capped Kilimanjaro (the highest peak in Africa), you will have the privilege of approaching the pachyderms, visibly accustomed to men. Really impressive…

5 Lanes of Lamu

This time, you will be spared the ascent of Mt Kenya or even the dhow trip to Takwa. Cap on Lamu. One of the most picturesque destinations on the coast. Nice walk only accessible on foot. What a nice way to discover this charming city by losing yourself in the heart of the narrow streets, admiring the majestic Swahili doors and their flamboyant colorful decors.